Friday, August 20, 2010

swatches: stila long wear liquid lip colors!

i was really excited when these came out because i love bold color lipstick and it was long kind of thing! so i wore petal the first day ulta got it and i got to say that i really liked the brightness of the lip color but these are so drying on the lips, that i feel like you need to wear a lipgloss on top, even if it's clear, because the lip color just sits in your cracks in your lips.

stila's long wear liquid lip colors are a full coverage, matte finish lip color. these lip colors are long-wearing, just like they said; i had food and a drink at starbucks and the lip color still did look perfect like i did just put it on, so that is a big plus. i also wear the lip color without a lip liner and no feathering happened, which is great!

if you put the lip color on straight from the wand, it deposits a lot of color, so what i actually do, is put some lip color on my fingers and then go from my fingers to my lips; this seems to tone the color down a little bit.

note: these are the four that ulta carries; there are two more colors that i believe sephora carries

petal: pale pink
coral: shimmery coral
patina: warm nude
muse: natural mauve

petal liquid lip color
coral liquid lip color

patina liquid lip color
muse liquid lip color

Lips Of The Day: stila's long wear liquid lip color in coral

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  1. I love the Muse color on you! All of them look great! I need them now. Doh!