Tuesday, August 24, 2010

oh hot weather!

why do i just love san francisco weather? it is always different and today happened to be super hot (88 degrees) and it was my first day of school but because i'm a nursing student, i had to wear scrubs...and i was so hot and the building i was in seemed to have no air going through it..not good

well i didnt want to feel like my make up was melting off my face today because it was so hot, so i wore very little and this is what i think one should be wearing on a hot day:

1. sunscreen always! on body and face...this is so important and it protects our body from the sun's damage
2. tinted moisturizer...i don't think on hot days we should wear a lot on our face because it might look like its melting or sweating off and it could also feel heavy...my favorite tms are urban decay, stila, and smashbox (and i have hear laura mercier is good too)
3. a good waterproof mascara or a mascara that won't move during the day...you don't want to have mascara under your eyes...which is why i also recommend putting very little or no mascara on bottom lashes
4. a great lipstain...lipstains are amazing and they do not move, so it is perfect because it does not feel like you are wearing much on your lips but you still get color and you do not have to touch up as much as lipgloss or lipstick
5. and if you want a little on your eyes, black eyeliner, but not a lot..just a simple black line on your top lashes

this is my fotd:
neutrogena face sunscreen
philosophy the present
urban decay tm with a little pur minerals powder over
smashbox concealer
benefit coralista

smashbox hyperlash

relvon just bitten lip stain in passion

Lips Of The Day: relvon just bitten lip stain in passion

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