Monday, August 16, 2010

green and blue fotd

my first blog FOTD! :)

i wanted to do something pretty and fairly easy, and i had to use my favorite eyeshadow color: green!
a girl cannot go wrong with green eye shadow..

especially mac's lucky green eyeshadow. mac describes this color as a frosted midtone lime (vp)..this is probably one of my favorite green eye shadow colors. It makes the green in my eyes pop out a lot more than normal. It has some golden tones in it which is why i love to pair it with mac gorgeous gold; they blend into each other very well. I usually think of a lime color that is bright but lucky green is not that bright if you pair it with the right colors.

pur minerals,
sb concealer,
nars dt,

benefit bikini line,
mac gorgeous gold,
mac lucky green,
mac humid,
mac deep truth,
ud 24/7 liner in mildew,
ud 24/7 liner in zero

ud naked

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