Sunday, September 5, 2010

bare face fotd!

this fotd is from september 3...
a mua'er asked me if I would put up a picture of myself without make up and I agreed. I actually do not like myself with make up; I usually am wearing a little if I do not feel like doing my whole face (and a little to me is mascara, brow pencil, tm, and lipgloss). My mom said she had skin like mine when she was younger, which I am happy about because I do not have too much problems with me skin; I get dry skin during winter, and then during summer it is normal, but I also have sensitive skin as well.

so here is me without make up:

and here is me with my full make up and my fotd:

pur minerals foundation
benefit coralista
smashbox concealer

ud virign and sin
smashbox muse palette
ud freakshow
us 24/7 liner in zero and crash
sb liquid liner pen
sb hyperlash
anastasia brow pencil

ud naked

Lips Of the Day: smashbox o-gloss

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